Year One & Year Two

Mrs Brocklehurst, Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Brocklehurst, Year 2 Teacher
Miss Lee, Year 1 & 2 Teacher
Miss Lee, Year 1 & 2 Teacher
Miss Achillea, Year 1 Teacher
Miss Achillea, Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Plastow, Year 1 & 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Plastow, Year 1 & 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Moore, Year 1 & 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Moore, Year 1 & 2 Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Key Stage One

We have three Year 1/2 classes: Mrs Brocklehurst, Miss Lee and Miss Archillea.

We are really excited for this year as we have lots of fun things planned! Mrs Moore and Mrs Plastow will be supporting our learning this year.

This year our learning journey topics are Weather, Our Local Area and The Seaside. In English we will be looking at Julia Donaldson Books, Traditional Tales and seaside themed stories such as The Light house Keepers Lunch. We will also be learning about different celebrations and cultures throughout the year including a Christmas Nativity performance.

Remember to read at home, learn your spellings and times tables.

We look forward to a successful year ahead!


Please see our Curriculum Overview page for more information.

General Information & Homework

Spellings:  spellings will be sent home in a yellow book on Fridays and tested the following week on Fridays. These will be phonics related for Year 1 and spelling patterns for Year 2. These Results will be sent home in the yellow book. Please practise your spellings on separate paper and not in your yellow book.

Homework:  Please read 3 or more nights a week, you will receive a “House Point” for your team every 5 reads at home. Practice your times tables (2’s, 5’s, 3’s and 10’s) as we will be giving quick fire arithmetic tests through the year. Please practise  number bonds to 10/ 20 and doubles and halves to 10/20. Year 2 children will receive SATS related practise and Year 1 children will receive Phonics screening practise. Thank you for all your support at home!

Reading: Please read at least 3 times a week-children will receive a certificate and prize in assembly for every 100 times they have read. You will receive a “House Point” for your team every 5 reads at home.

More trips to be confirmed..



Year 1/2 had a fantastic visit to the Sea Life Centre Birmingham. The children took part in a behind the scenes tour, where they were shown how the centre breeds seahorses, jellyfish, stingray and sharks.  Whilst they were there, they saw a range of animals, such as: penguins, starfish, jellyfish, octopus, sea turtles and many more! The children even had the chance to touch the starfish! Also, the children went to a very exciting 4D cinema, with moving seats and squirting water; it was so exciting! Luckily, the weather was glorious, so we sat and ate our lunch out in the sunshine. The children were an absolute credit to take, and they displayed outstanding behaviour at all times; we are all very proud of them!


We have been learning about movement in Gymnastics. We have practised balance and core strength. We have made interesting shapes on the equipment and practised jumping in different shapes.  We tried hard to land in a shape, and this was quite tricky but lots of fun!

Science Week

We explored floating and sinking by doing a “Dancing Raisin Experiment”. We made predictions and recorded our results and then in our conclusion we talked about what makes things float and sink. We really enjoyed being scientists!

‘Mother’s Day’ Coffee Morning

Our KS1 children organised a lovely coffee morning for their special female relatives. They baked lovely treats and made cards to give out. Thanks to the support of our parents, the morning was a success!

Visit to the Stags One Call Stadium

Year 1/2 have been on a very exciting trip the One Call Stags Stadium. Whilst we were there, we did lots of exciting activities, such as: touring around the stadium, meeting some of the Stags players, designing our own football kit and playing our own game of football. We had such a fantastic day, and the weather was glorious – we even got to eat our snack and lunch in the stands!

‘Mother’s Day’ Coffee Morning

Our KS1 children organised a lovely coffee morning for their special female relatives. They baked lovely treats and made cards to give out. Thanks to the support of our parents, the morning was a success!

Mansfield Town Football Club


We have really enjoyed our football training with Mansfield Town FC! We took part in fun games to help our coordination and speed. The team taught us techniques and skills for controlling the ball such as drag back, dribbling and the step over. Each lesson ended with a football match. We learned how to work as a team. Then the coaching team came into our classroom and helped us with football realated Maths and English challenges. We especially enjoyed the A-Z football dictionary

Music – Sing along

We have been learning some traditional African Songs. We have practised clapping and singing to the beat. We also played instruments to the beat of the music. Our favourite Africa song is Siyahamba. Here is a link if you would like to sing-long…

Jaffa Oranges

We learned all about oranges today. The Jaffa Orange company came in to teach us all about where oranges come from, the life cycle of the orange tree, how they are delivered and why they keep us healthy how to keep healthy today.

Maths Outdoors

We collected data from our class on our favourite jungle animals. We used tally charts to collect the data. We then looked at displaying our data in different ways. We used Unifix and other counters to make bar charts and pictographs. We then made a human bar chart! After we responded by answering questions about the data we collected. Which animal was the most/ least favourite? What is the difference between tigers and elephants? What would the graph look like if one person was worth 2? How many more people elephants than zebras?

Leaf Art

We had lots of fun collecting leaves for us to use in art work. We looked at different seasonal art work and tried to recreate it using our own techniques. We used different tools to create different effects. We used ear buds to create small brush strokes and wide brushes along with colour mixing to create an autumn back ground

Diwali Celebrations

We had lots of fun celebrating Diwali. We have been learning about the meaning of Diwali, the “festival of lights” that celebrates good over evil. We have looked at the Diwali traditions of Hindus and compared it to other religions such as Christianity. In our topic day we took part in different activities on a carousel.

Role Play: Children dressed up in Sarees and wore masks to re-create the Rama and Sita story.

Rangoli Patterns: We looked at repeating patterns and used coloured sand to create a large pattern. We drew large patterns on the floor so the Goddess of wealth (Lakshmi) will visit us.

Diwali Sweets: We followed a recipe and used out measuring, counting to create tasty sweets. We had a problem, we didn’t have enough! We had to use our doubling skills with the ingredients to make twice as much.

Hindu Dancing: We looked at videos of dancers and tried to copy the dance moves. We made our own unique dance moves and put them into a routine.

Diva Lamps: We used playdough and jewels to create Diva lamps like the ones Rama and Sita had in the story of Diwali to find their way home

Mathematical Orienteering

Children took part in orienteering to search for maths questions, children worked in teams of two and answered the differentiated questions around the playground. We used the bar method and our multiplication facts to solve the questions. We had lots of fun!

ASDA. We really enjoyed out visit, thank you.

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Years 1 & 2 Asda Visit 2
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