Year Four

Miss J Swinscoe - Y4 Teacher
Miss J Swinscoe - Y4 Teacher
Mrs M Chambers - 
KS2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Chambers - KS2 Teaching Assistant

Y4 Summer Two – Overview

Our Summer 2 topic is a historical study of World War II. We will be linking this with our English work this term too! Here are the questions which we will answer each week:

Why did World War 2 start and what part did Hitler have in it? What happened in Munich in 1938 and why did Britain feel betrayed by Hitler?

Why was the Battle of Britain significant in World War 2?

-Who was Winston Churchill and what part did he play in the war?

-Why did the Jewish nation suffer as a result of Hitler coming to power?

-What can we learn about this period from the Anne Frank diaries?

-How have different European artists captured the horror of the war?

-Reflection: Using photographic images sourced from the Internet put together your story as though you lived during this period


This term we will be writing about The Lion and the Unicorn which links with our topic.. The children will learn how to organise their information into paragraphs and use different grammatical words and phrases.


We will be learning about the measurements by estimating, comparing and measuring different units. We will be looking at symmetry and shape. We will be learning how to tell the time with analogue and digital clocks and how to convert between the two. We will also be gathering and presenting our own data!


We will be learning about electricity! Here are the questions we will be answering each week:

-Why have we become so dependent on electricity?

-How is electricity generated and what do we mean by alternative sources?

-What are conductors and insulators and how are they associated with electricity?

-How can you create an electrical circuit that has a switch or a buzzer?

-Reflection: Working as a team, can you put together a presentation which tells us about electricity?


We have chosen Poland as our country of choice to learn about and taste local foods during Geography week


Clubs that are available to Year 4 children:

Tuesdays- Choir club

Thursdays- ALF club, Spanish club

PE is on a Monday afternoon, please ensure your children remember their PE with suitable trainers for outdoor PE.

Homework is set on a Friday, children are given Education city online homework. Children also have a book from school in their bags which they can read too! Each week a spelling sound is chosen, children have to practice 5 words and think of 5 words of their own which follow the sound rule. Please may I remind you that children have the 109 Year 3 and 4 spellings to practice for the retest in the week beginning 10.07.17


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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