Year Three

Miss R Hooper - Y3 Teacher
Miss R Hooper - Y3 Teacher
Mrs M Chambers - 
KS2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Chambers - KS2 Teaching Assistant
Rainbow Grammar in Action
Rainbow Grammar in Action

Y3 – Summer Two

Our summer topic is ‘WWII’

We will be looking at the main causes of the war, the countries involved and what life was like for those living in the UK at the time.

In History, we will be focus on looking at the experiences of evacuees during WWII.

Our science topic is ‘Plants’. They will learn the names of different parts of plants, and the jobs they do. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate what plants need to grow well, and will present their findings to their classmates.

During English this term our focus will continue to be on developing our writing. We will look at rewriting a known story from a different point of view.
We will continue our amazing work on grammar!

During maths we will be focusing on the four operations, fractions and time.


General Information

Homework will be set on Fridays and needs to be completed by Thursday. Homework will be set on Education City and will include a spelling rule, maths and an additional English piece. Additional Spellings will be tested on Friday.

Please make sure your child’s PE kit is in school at all times.

As reading is extremely important in children’s education, we expect them to read on a daily basis which will contribute to their reads over the course of the year. Thank you for your support – Miss Hooper

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