Events Gallery

A journey through the wonderful events we enjoy at our school. Please click on each image/link to see the bigger picture, or watch the photo-videos.

Multi-Skills Festival

KS2 have been taking part in a multi-skills festival at West Notts Collage. We had a lot of fun and we received a certificate for attending. We work as a team to score points using out co-ordination, speed and balance skills.

Cool Choirs 2018

Last November, Mrs Brocklehurst took our School Choir to Mansfield Museum to show off the musical talent of Heatherley Primary. We sang songs from the 80s, and we had an amazing time!

Young Voices 2019

On Wednesday 9th January, the KS2 Heatherley Choir took part in the sensational concert, Young Voices. After a long day of rehearsing, the children put on a spectacular show to thousands of parents, performing alongside Tony Hadley, Beau Dermott (Britain’s Got Talent finalist) and Sharlene Hector (lead vocalist of Basment Jaxx). Also, the children had learnt and performed super dance routines alongside Urban Strides. The show was such a success, and the children left feeling ecstatic! We are so proud of the children, and it was wonderful to see all of their hard work paid off! Thank you to everyone who came to watch the show!

Heatherley Choir Perform at Kings Mill Hospital

A big well done to the KS2 Heatherley Choir, who performed a range of Christmas carols to the public at Kings Mill Hospital. The choir helped raise money for the hospital, and we are incredibly proud of them. They did a fantastic job! Thank you to everyone who came to watch them perform, and thank you to the people who donated.

Merry Christmas!


Young Voices 2019 – Wed 9th January

Click here to access the YV Music Room to help you rehearse with lyric and dance videos – You will need to use this code: Popmedley2019

Heatherley Choir has the Xfactor!

This Tuesday, the Heatherley Choir put on a spectacular show to parents, showcasing their wonderful voices. The show consisted of a range of solo, group and choir performances, and the children smashed it! We are so incredibly proud of the children and the confidence they displayed. Well done, Choir! Thank you to everyone who attended the show and for your continued support.

Mansfield Town Football Club Penalty Shootout

Well done to the pupils who raised funds with the Penalty Shootout. You raised over £2000!

Spelling Bee and Times Tables competition with Holly Primary School

Choir Summer Concert 2017

Key Stage Two – Sports Day

Our Beautiful Chicks have been hatched and now held!

Fabulous Year Six Kingswood Residential

Happy Easter…

Year 3 Easter Bonnets
Year 4 Easter Bonnets
Year 6 Easter Hats (2)
Year 6 Easter Hats (1)
Foundation Easter Bonnett 4
Foundation Easter Bonnet 3
Foundation Easter Bonnet 2
Foundation Easter Bonnet 1

Comic Relief

Heatherley’s Got Talent in aid of Comic Relief. The grand total was £375.08. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Comic Relief 3
Comic Relief 1
Comic Relief 2

Science Week

Here are just a few Photographs – Please visit our Science page for more photographs and information about our fabulous week.

Foundation Science Week 3
KS1 Science Week 6
KS2 Science Week 3

Bug Hotel – Open and ready for visitors

Thank you to Mr Brocklehurst who helped us build this wonderful hotel for creepy-crawlies!

Bug Hotel 10
BNug Hotel 5
Bug Hotel 9
Bug Hotel 6

World Book Day 2017

Heatherley Primary School