After School Club

Busy Bugs – because that’s what we are!

Busy Bugs is the afterschool club here at Heatherley and operates from the school hall. The club runs from 3.30-5.30pm daily with a different focus each day. Please view the daily plan below the menu. The children are encouraged to be involved with the focus activity but are able to choose not to join in. Tabletop activities, a quiet area, colouring activities, construction activities are available daily.

We start the afternoon by meeting in the school hall for the register to be taken then we head the staff room for our snack. The snack we have varies each day and we set up, prepare and wash our own pots. We are all becoming very independent and work as a team. Our snack time is a very sociable time with lots of chitter chatter…Here’s our menu.


Busy Bugs after school club visited Hill Crest Farm on Monday 22nd October. The children all chose a pumpkin, brought it back to school and carved it. “It was very exciting as I have never been to a farm to collect a pumpkin and then carved one.” – Zain

Available Daily

  • Ham/Chicken
  • Jam/Cheese chunks
  • Cheese spread
  • Cucumber

After our snack, we either go back to the school hall or head outside depending on the daily activity.

Making It Monday

The name says it all, making things from pencil holders, slime, pompom spiders, a pompom rug, sewing and much more. “I like make it Mondays because we make different things”. Miss Wood was asked to make two paper swans. Then we made a home and a pond for the swans.

Talking Tuesday

We love to talk and today we learnt some simple sign language to use with our friends like ‘what’s your name?’ ‘My name is…’ In addition to this, we enjoy gardening outside and currently have three planters planted. “The water will help them grow”. “This is very true, and we need to remember to water them daily.”

Workout Wednesday

The children have a choice from a range of activities both inside and out and voting appears to be the best way to decide.

“Using the apparatus is the best fun”.

Thinking Thursday

Today Jenny comes in (Jenny works for In Christ In Schools) and plans fun games, singing, a thought of the day focusing on ‘Who God is’ this term followed by a craft activity and prayer.

Film Club Friday

The name of the day says it all; the children choose the movie and enjoy eating popcorn whilst watching the film.

According to the children “This is our lazy day.”

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