Lunchtime Choices


Hot Dinners

Mrs Dent and our catering team provide delicious cooked lunches. The meals are nutritional, very well cooked and presented, offer excellent value for money and are prepared from fresh produce everyday. Please contact us or Find out more from Nottinghamshire County Council.

Download a copy of the new Spring/Summer Menu here.

On Thursday 5th July, to celebrate Wimbledon, we will be doing a special dinner of roast gammon, pineapple, new potatoes and vegetables followed by strawberries and cream.

On Wednesday 25th July, to celebrate the last day of school, we will be doing a special dinner of fish, chips, mushy peas and bread & butter followed by an ice cream cone tub

Please see the letter that’s been sent home for details on ordering these meals.


Packed Lunch

A balanced packed lunch should contain:

  • starchy foods – these are bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and others
  • protein foods – including meat, fish, eggs, beans and others
  • a dairy item – this could be cheese or a yoghurt
  • vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit

Starchy foods are a good source of energy and should make up a third of the lunchbox. But don’t let things get boring. Instead of sandwiches, give kids bagels, pitta bread, wraps and baguettes. Use brown, wholemeal or seeded bread, not white bread.


Free School Meals

It really is worth checking to see if your child qualifies for free school meals and find out how to apply.



Pick a healthier packed lunch or picnic! We’ve got loads of tasty and easy to prepare ideas that everyone can enjoy – and they’re great value too.

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