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School Opening 4th January 2021

  • as emailed to parents

Good afternoon. In order to ease any worries, I want to confirm that Heatherley Primary School will open to all pupils on Monday 4th January 2021.

In order to support school’s decision to remain open, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following points and ask you to vigorously stick to these guidelines when attending the school site: Masks/face coverings should be worn on school site – the only exception is for medical needs (see government advice on wearing masks or face coverings); only one parent/carer is required when dropping off or collecting children. This helps reduce the number of people on school site. If your child is able to walk independently, they can be dropped off at the gate (or walk into school themselves if you deem it safe for them to do so); please stick to your designated drop-off and collection times. These are the same as before Christmas; please do not linger when dropping off or collecting. The sooner everyone is on or off the school site, the safer it will be. As an additional measure, the sensory garden will be closed just before 3pm each day. This is to ensure that all parents, carers and children are following our one-way system and that bubbles aren’t mixing by allowing children to run through the gardens unsupervised. The children will need to remain with you whilst being collected.

As you may have seen, there has been developments within the education sector over the last few days. The NAHT (Headteacher union) has initiated a legal challenge to the government’s decision to fully re-open primary schools which are in tier 4 areas on Monday 4th January. At the same time, the NEU (England’s largest teaching union) has advised its members of their legal right not to return to teaching full classes of pupils amid serious health and safety fears. As it stands, we are in a position to open from Monday 4th January.

As always, should anything change, I endeavour to let parents/carers know as soon as possible. School don’t receive any information regarding changes in advance, and we have to watch out for the latest updates from Boris and his team. Once again, I thank you for your continued support during these difficult times. We are working hard to keep your children as safe as possible, and given the heightened infection rates, we need to work together to ensure that we continue to set a high standard of safety for everyone. Kind regards, and stay safe, Mr Lee Harrison Acting Headteacher

Zero Tolerance Poster Image

Zero Tolerance

Heatherley Primary School will not tolerate any violence or verbal aggression towards staff. We are committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. Our staff come to work to help and support young people, not to become victims of violence, threatening behaviour, verbal abuse, racial abuse or discrimination.

Please be respectful at all times. Any parent or visitor who treats any member of staff in this way will not be welcome on our premises and will be reported to the police. Thank you.


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