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Miss Hooper. Year 1 Teacher.
Miss Hooper. Year 1 Teacher.

Heatherley Primary School celebrates the differences between all of our children and we value the contribution of every member of our school.  We recognise that every child is different – they develop at different times and at different rates. We are -aware that children learn in different ways so we assess and meet their needs as individuals. We recognise and embrace that good quality teaching for all children at every stage in a child’s journey is vital to unlocking their potential.   Pupils are regularly assessed by staff, and if necessary, special teaching provisions can be arranged using a variety of support services. The curriculum is modified and extended to meet identified needs.

Here you will find all relevant S.E.N.D information for Heatherley Primary School. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our SENCO, Miss Rebecca Hooper.

Nottinghamshire Local Offer. & Gov.uk: S.E.N.D code of Practice

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